Purchasing A Good Drone

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3 years ago, the idea of purchasing a drone was labelled crazy. Nevertheless, things seems to have changed within the past year and it is now apparent this flying toys are not limited to military use only.

Their popularity is tremendously increased as more commercial uses for the drones come to surface. There is a variety of manufacturers of drone on the market but Parrot who developed AR drone for starters and DJI Phantom for professional players are the greatest contenders on the market.

If you are an amateur, choosing the best drone might not be easy. The big question remains, which is adrones good drone? Below are tips to guide you.

– HD Video

Of the greatest features of drones, is the ability to film HD videos. The video shoot is the result that your drone gives you. After all the fun of flying the tiny vehicle across the sky, you probably have or want to show it to somebody. Of course, the quality of the video will be your pride; you should choose a drone that gives you exactly that. Lucky for you, the cost of HD Video cameras has gone down and most drone of the market should give you this.

– GPS Navigation

This is another feature that can turn around your experience with a drone. For some AR drone, this feature is optional but can be substituted b purchasing a flight recorder. DJI Phantom drones are packed with GPS navigation capability and even with a return home feature.

– Remote control

Remote control is the sole manner in which you will cruise your drone in the sky. Different companies have developed different ways in which you can remotely control your drone and it is up to you to choose which one delights you. For instance, parrot developed a phone app for this purpose. Its functionality is based on the fact that the drone acts as Wi-Fi hostspot on which your tablet or smartphone will connect. With that you can control your drone by tilting your phone just like in a vide game. Additionally, you can stream the video shot directly to your device and share it on social platforms using the app.

white dronesThere are other innumerable companies with revolutionary technology. Companies like GoPro, Diajang innovation, Airware, matternet and many others are taking historical steps into bringing you the best drones for everyday use. In a few years, it is expected that drones will play a pivotal role in civic affairs, businesses, road inspection, package delivery and many other commercial applications. Nonetheless, HD video camera capabilities, GPS navigation and remote control are the major factors to consider when answering the big question, which is a good drone?…

Buying An Apple TV

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The Apple TV has gone nearly two years with no refresh whatsoever. Since then, technology enthusiasts have been introduced to many new streaming alternatives.

They are inclusive of Roku hardware, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, the Comcast, and may more. It may hint that Apple may be giving up in a way on its streaming set-top boxes. However, such hints beg the question, is Apple TV worth buying?

The article tries to stipulate the positive things that come along with the TV, the downsides, and lastly a bottom line.

Most of Apple TV features can be available on other streaming boxes easily, more so if you require the access of Netflix, Hulu Plus, or many other streaming apps. All streaming boxes have the primary Apple TVstreaming services. However, Apple TV stands to have its unique features that its users find it imperative and only Apple TV can offer them.

The Apple TV can perform every activity that different streaming boxes can play, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and others. But where Apple TV has its advantages is with the iTunes Home Sharing Features as well as Airplay.

While Airplay is Apple TV’s unique feature, you simply do not require an Apple TV for you to utilize AirPlay. Some apps such as AirServer as well as AirParrot for Mac and also Windows provide you with an opportunity of beaming content to the nearest computer to its display. Provided it is not same as a 50-inch television, but it is a very quick as well as dirty solution should you want see iPhone and iPad content on a little bit larger screen.apple

When it comes to Home Sharing, it is just a feature that is of use if at all you are deeply embedded in the ecosystem of Apple iTunes. Home Sharing is only necessary if you utilize iTunes for music, TV shows, movies, and others. Otherwise, it is not useful. At such a point, other streaming boxes tend to be helpful for you.

The main downside of Apple TV is that it has less of standout streamer box if you may not possess other Apple curve TVApple devices. Additionally, Roku 3 provides more content sources, a remote that has a headphone jack, and a cross-platform search.

If you are still asking the question, is Apple TV worth buying? It comes down to how hardcore Apple user is you. While Apple TV is still some steps behind Roku 3, it is an impressive streaming box, more so for users who are invested in Apple ecosystem.…