Pixel Studio FX 2.0- Review and Bonus

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If you have been frustrated with graphics, then there is an ultimate tool. Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is the ideal digital too made to meet the needs of any digital market. The tool will enable you to create high quality and professional e- covers within minutes. This blog explores the Pixel Studio FX Review. It is the ideal positively reviewed by many of its users.



keyboard Pixel Studio FX 2.o is a graphic design software made by Jimmy Kim. The product targets content marketing, and graphics cover design. It’s officially valued at 67 dollars from their official site Pixel Studio FX 2.0 official site. The tool is guaranteed efficient with a range of five bonus packs namely.

  • Giant bonuses pack
  • Special bonuses pack
  • Ultimate bonuses pack
  • Huge bonuses pack
  • Mega-bonuses pack.

Special features

These features make the tool special over other methods of graphic design. The site has around 3000 design combination that is already done for you. The combinations cover over 23 niches. The software has a developers license and updates for a lifetime. The software is compatible with Mac and PC. It creates covers for e-books, DVDS, iPad, magazines and other products. The product has easy to use features; it’s powerful and it works efficiently using the software doesn’t need much experience and creating a complete design will only take 60 seconds. The software is regarded as the only software that will allow you to see your finished product before processing it.

The old way versus the new way

Digital marketers have had a hard time making covers in a typical way. It involved the use of a freelance site. You have to post a job on the site and wait for applications within 24 hours and sometimes it would go up to 48 hours. You also had to interview them before explaining what you want. After another 48 hours, you would get your job done. In many chances, the requirements would not be met. Hence you will have to ask for a revision. The process is evidently tiring and time consuming. With the pixel studio, the process is easy and only requires three steps.


file folderFirst, you have to get the software. Then you have to utilize the simple features that do not need expertise. Within seconds you will have your cover design ready to be used. The Pixel Studio FX has reduced hour’s long job to a minute. In the conventional world, that deserves to be called a miracle. If you are a designer or a digital marketer you should put into consideration using the tool. Your money will be well spent since there are bonuses in store for you as well.…