How to Use Technologies to Be More Productive in the Office and Away

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The productivity world seems never to change. Every time you read a new report on personal productivity, it talks about some new shiny app or gadget that you must get and different ways to track your time to ensure you are not wasting any of it.

These suggestions are time-tested, and that is why they keep appearing in all productivity articles. However, there is something else people remain missing. It is the simple idea of doing things that matter when they are crucial and ensuring that you spend less time doing them. If you can spend less time doing email and get the same work done as someone spending several hours, then you are more productive than him or her.

Be Competent in Email Fax

Most people will already know about fax through email as the newest solution to their productivity in the office, but few people take it literally. They wait for managers to implement the system in their offices. You can be ahead of the pack and achieve more with fewer resources. The knowledge will let you use fax most appropriately, and it may increase your reputation as a productive professional.

Learn to Handle Data

working on laptopData is a major thing right now, and most people find that they have too much information. Finding the right information can be difficult when you have phones and hard drives in laptops full of data. You must use search tools, and you need to arrange your information in order. Moreover, you should try to learn new tricks about organizing data in simple databases.

Rely on cloud services because they let you access files from any location. For instance, when you need to send online fax when you are across the country on a train, you can do it by pulling files from your cloud storage and sending it through your email fax options. You save tons of hours and increase your productivity.

Understand Intercultural Perspectives

You can know ways to do things very well but fail miserably. One of the reasons for this is miscommunication, especially when working as a team. People from different parts of the world have ways of interpreting your gestures and instructions. Any manager should invest personal time in the understanding of cultures and gaining inter cultural competency.

Formal communication through faxing is good for getting business orders and submitting other strategic forward communications. However, negotiations require mostly face to face or phone calls communications. You can increase productivity if you can interpret things correctly, reduce errors, and work on them immediately.

laptop and cell phone, note book

Pick Portable Devices Always

Shopping for business gadgets should be easy once you know what to look for in the devices you buy. A phone should be easy to handle, and it should allow you to remain productive while you are away from any source of power. Meanwhile, a laptop needs to have a sufficient battery capacity and a lightweight design. You will be using it to draft quick emails, and you expect to be able to remove it immediately after notifications arrive.

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