High Performance Phono Preamp

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The phono preamp is also referred to as turntable preamp, phono stage or as phono preamplifier. The phono preamp is defined as the circuit which is electronic that puts the right amplification to the cartridge’s signal and sends it to the audio system or power input’s amplifier. The signal which is audio from the turntable’s needle is usually small, so amplification is needed as the standard volume level is achieved. The connection between the amp and the record player is provided, and the conversion of phono to line level is reached. This blog highlights some of the benefits of the phono preamp. The following are the examples of high-performance phono preamp;

General information


ART DJ PRE IIThe ART DJ PRE II is a budget friendly type of phono preamp. It is usually used in studios and even in homes. The phono preamp with the built-in low noise its circuitry usually is accurate highly. On the device, there is an existence of a button whereby the capacitance range can be regulated at any given time. The switchable low-cut filter on the device aids in the removal of any rumble on the turntable. This kind of Phono Preamp is suitable in records to be digitized whereby the line input’s turntable is connected, or it can be used as the USB interface for the audio option for one’s computer.

Behringer Micro phono PP400

The Micro phono PP400 usually is small in size. This type of Phono Preamp boosts the signal from a person’s turntable to a line level which will be good enough to be sent to the amplifiers, speakers, receivers or any other equipment. The device has a power indicator, a ground connector plus RCA inputs and outputs in its structure. 12V direct current adapter comes along with this phono preamp.

Rolls VP29

The Rolls VP29 is a simple, compact and very useful type of phono preamp. It has a designed circuit for quiet and smooth operation as well for RIAA equalization curve to be provided. For added flexibility, a separate stereo line level output is provided. The Rolls VP29 features ground terminal connections and also RCA phone inputs which are dual. Its design being compact, it makes it portable and unobtrusive. The unit usually is powered by direct current.


red ART DJ PRE IIThe TC-750LC has got a simple structure. It is regarded highly plus the sounding budget preamp is great. The output is adjustable which aids in the digitizing records’ performance. Hence the correct setting of recorded levels is allowed. This kind of Phono Preamp is suitable to be used in systems with high-end audio and also in sound cards.

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