Features of a Good Reverse Camera

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Reverse camera, commonly known as a backup camera, is a crucial safety gadget in many vehicles. It provides the driver with an extra visibility while reversing the car. Most of the vehicles require reverse cameras to eliminate blind spots while driving in the opposite direction. However, you should know the features of a good reverse camera.

Features of a reverse camera

1. Automatic triggers

car audioA good reverse camera has the capability to switch on automatically when the vehicle in engaged in the reverse direction. This feature eliminates the need of manually switching on the camera each time you want to reverse your vehicle.

2. Mirror imaging

A reverse camera should mimic a rear view mirror. In this case, the driver will see the same type of image that could be seen in the rear view mirror. The mirror image is displayed on the camera’s monitor on your dashboard.

3. Image sensor

A reverse cameras use two types of image sensors; CCD and CMOS sensors. Cameras that use CCD provide better images under very bright or very low lighting conditions. On the other hand, CMOS cameras deliver the inferior image. Therefore, cameras with high-quality CCD image sensor are preferable.

4. Night vision

This is one of the most important features of a reverse camera. A good reverse camera includes infrared night vision capability that allows it capture images in very low-light conditions. This is made possible through the infrared LEDs included in the camera. These infrared LEDs automatically turn on when the ambient light level is too low. High-end reverse camera illuminates out to a distance of up to 50 feet from the camera.

Also, it is important to note that infrared red light produce does not produce colors that are visible to human eyes. Therefore, all the images captured in the low-light conditions are monochromatic i.e. “black” and “white” images.

5. Audio system

A high-quality camera contains a microphone for capturing the sound outside and behind the vehicle. This feature can compensate for the blind spots that are found in larger vehicles such as buses and trucks. Quality cameras have weatherproof microphone housing to prevent water from entering the camera.

6. Weather-proofing

Reverse CameraThis is a feature that allows the camera to work optimally even in hazardous weather conditions. Such cameras withstand various elements including; water, ice, snow, oil, dirt, salt road grime, detergents as well as high-pressure washes. Also, exterior cables and connectors should also withstand such elements.


Reverse cameras are very crucial for safety reversing of your vehicle. However, the above features of the reverse camera will help you get the right backup camera for your vehicle.